This is a no tie zone.

This goes for heels, suits and briefcases as well.

  “Meet Boomer, our pup in charge.”                                   
When you walk into our office you may think you’re in the wrong place. You won’t find your typical accounting firm here because we’re not your typical accountants. Element is a forward-thinking Certified Public Accounting firm with unique and interesting clientele. We take our work seriously without taking ourselves too seriously.


Stop by our Cabbagetown office sometime and check in with our receptionist Boomer. We’d love to show you around and have a chat about what sets Element apart.



Our founders have seen and done it all. Our extensive experience and diverse skill set attracts top talent.


We are independent and proactive CPAs,  providing advice, collaboration and guidance daily.


Located near Cabbagetown park, you’ll find an energetic and relaxed environment with a friendly and collaborative team.


Element’s unique structure offers opportunities for cross vertical learning and upwards advancement.


Element doesn’t stagnate, we stay on top of our game and industry trends with ongoing education and certification training.


We prioritize family and wellness and offer flexible work hours, remote opportunities and generous time off.


Meet Katy, our recent intern that joined us full-time.

Why did you Intern at Element?
Conversation was free form and personal, wasn’t like a bullet point.


What would you consider perks?
Room to grow was important and is encouraged here. And they’re pet friendly!


What is your area of focus?
Becoming a CPA

What did you like about your Internship?
Get to work across verticals, it’s a great way to get a better understanding of all aspects of accounting.


What made you want to keep working with Element after your internship?
Management. The nurturing and collaborative nature of the company yet inspires an independent mindset.

If this sounds like where you need to be, we’d love to hear from you.


Auditors & CPAs

We’re not the norm, and that’s why you’re here.

Element is always searching for like-minded professionals to join our proactive and collaborative team. Generally there are two career paths to choose from for our team, Auditors and CPAs. 




Moving up doesn’t have to start at the bottom.

From day one you’re getting hands-on training and invaluable experience in the industry. We invest in our people with the hope that our internships will culminate into full-time positions one day.

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