Construction + Real Estate

 Element CPAs have extensive experience in the construction and real estate industry spanning commercial and residential properties, real estate acquisitions, affordable housing and multifamily construction.

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Film + Entertainment

You can keep your focus on the set while we keep an eye on everything going on behind the scenes. We specialize in creative industries and tailor a unique approach to meet your specific needs.

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Planning for the long term can be a challenge when you’re focused on the day-to-day, and we can take that concern off of your plate. Securing your financial health allows you to do what you do best.

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The decisions you make for your nonprofit directly affect many people. No pressure at all, right? Element CPAs can offer much needed support to proactively plan for long term growth.

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Professional Services

We can also provide invaluable advice about growing your business and avenues for capital you may not have considered which can be invested back into the business.

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We’re happy to hop on a call for an initial consultation at no cost. We want to be sure we’re all on the same page and ask the right questions from the very beginning.

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