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Financial Statement Audit

An audit can be a burden, or it can be a critical part of your business. At its core, an audit enhances transparency between your company and others, increasing your ability to access capital to grow. But an audit can be so much more. At Element, we will help your see the value that an audit can help you see your financial in that not only tells you what is happening now, but what may happen in the future.


Today’s financial statement audits can be highly automated, less stressful experiences than what many financial managers have experienced in the past. Using data automation and AI, firms have the technology to perform higher quality audits than ever before. At Element, we are always committed to using the most efficient methods to make your financial statement audit efficient and less disruptive than traditional audits.



The availability of data about your company can give us incredible insights into your business. This not only allows us to more efficiently perform audit testing, it give us more information than ever before to properly assess financial statement risks. The ability to identify and mitigate these financial statement risks can be very valuable to management.



As auditors’ ability to understand your data improves, the precision and usefulness of data analytics improves as well. And as the quality of data analytics increases, your financial statement audit becomes more efficient.


Document Sharing

Our audit document management tools give you an efficient way to track document which have been shared and clearly communicate what is required to complete your audit.

What does this mean for you?


+ We can do more of our work remotely, freeing your staff from disruption in your office.

+ Our sampling processes can be more targeted, meaning potentially smaller samples and fewer tested areas of your financials.

+ A shorter and more affordable audit. The days of paying premiums for large audit teams in your office are a thing of the past.


Audit Quality

A more efficient audit does not mean a lower quality audit. The use of data automation and AI creates an audit processes of higher quality than ever before. Can Element to lean how.

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