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Having a qualified team of accountants that understand the value of audited & reviewed financial statements is not enough, your auditor should understand that you need an effective and efficient audit process so that you can focus on your business.


Element performs assurance services that fit any type of organization. Whether you need to gain access to debt or equity capital, qualify for contracts and grants, or meet financial reporting requirements for other stakeholders, we can find the right level of service for you. 


We can help you determine which level of assurance best suits the specific needs of your business.


We can provide 3 levels of service. 


An audit is the highest service level and provides the highest level of assurance, providing you with financial statements that can be used for most any need.


A review is designed to provide limited assurance, but might be a better fit when company stakeholders, lenders and investors do not require an audit.  


A compilation is the most basic service level, preparing financial statements based off of Information provided by management.


Sometimes the level of service is dictated by contractual obligations or bank requirements, and in other cases we can help you determine which level of assurance best suits the specific needs of your business.


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