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At Element you won’t find your typical accounting office space, nor will you find your typical accountants. We’ve created a special culture here and it’s a dream job for the right person. Our belief is that a great culture creates great opportunities for growth and success (and fun!).

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Why Us?

Our Culture is Real

This is not lip service, we practice what we preach. Our belief is that a great culture creates great opportunities for growth and success (and fun!).

Good Clients Only

It’s simple really, the clients we serve are good clients. Anything else is unacceptable.

You’re in Charge

Micromanaging went out with skinny jeans, and thankfully we’ve moved past both. We’re all about independence, personal responsibility and accountability.

Having a Life

Work life balance is a key driving force in our culture. Family and well being is a priority at Element. If our employees aren’t happy, we’re not successful.

Dress Code?

Living room attire is our official dress code. If you feel comfortable, you’ll be more relaxed and in turn more focused.

Immediate Growth

We don’t waste your time making you pay your dues taking lunch orders. From day one, you’re working with senior partners and gaining invaluable experience.

The NonOffice Office

Cabbagetown is known as the artistic heart of Atlanta and we’ve positioned ourselves right in the center of it. Located right across from Cabbagetown Park, we reside in a two story non-traditional space that has the perfect balcony view of Chomp & Stomp. If you’ve got a winning chili recipe, bring it on!

Cool Clients

We only work with GOOD clients, but did we also mention that they are COOL as well? A large majority of our clients are in the creative spaces like movies, television, music and more.

Quote-less Quotas

We have a new take on an old business style which involves no hourly quotas. Our belief is that clients want more and so we allow time for those relationships to grow outside traditional billing mindsets.

We’re New. We’re Young.

We’re looking for wonderful people to expand our company and mindset. Our new office is ripe for new ideas and people.

It’s Boomer Time

Not that kind of Boomer! We’re talking about our four-legged assistant and mascot Boomer who will welcome you at the door! He may be our laziest employee but he makes up for it with his positive attitude. Needless to say, we’re a furry friendly establishment so you can bring your best friend to work!

Signing Bonus!

Yep, you read that right. We’re serious about serious talent and offer a signing bonus, so if you think you’d be a great fit, connect with us!
Ready for More?

Element CPA is not your typical accounting firm, find out why.

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If this sounds like where you need to be, we’d love to hear from you!

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