Let’s focus on expanding your business, not your tax liability.

It’s hard enough to figure out your own state tax laws, but when conducting business across multiple states you’re going to need an expert on state specific tax laws and their ever-changing updates and modifications. States continually amend their laws in an effort to increase revenue. Our team keeps you up to date on those new tax obligations you may not be aware of.


What sets us apart?


While most CPAs are able to find obligations you may have not been aware of, at Element we are equally skilled at finding incentives and credits you weren’t aware of either.


Most tax advisors are capable of making your company compliant, but many accountants stop there.


At Element we pride ourselves on our expert knowledge of state and tax law requirements in every state, as well as the updated credits and incentives in those states. We identify every possible opportunity and negotiate on your behalf. We provide a strategic plan going forward to maximize your profitability.


With our expertise working for you, your company not only remains compliant but is also maximizing every benefit made available to you.

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